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Passenger elevator

(Without machine room) passenger elevator

● Keda machine-room-less passenger elevator is well versed in the concept of environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, saving construction area, increasing the degree of freedom involved, and fully embodying the green humanity. Compared with geared elevators of the same load capacity, it can save electricity by 25% and construction area by 10%. Keda's machine roomless passenger elevator breaks through the premise that the elevator must be equipped with a machine room, and provides unlimited creative possibilities for the limited space of modern buildings.

(Small machine room) passenger elevator

● Kodak's small machine room passenger elevator is another masterpiece in Kodak's product system, which can meet the different needs of passenger and freight transportation, and is suitable for various types of buildings from ordinary office buildings, hotels, residential buildings to skyscrapers. <br>

● Keda small machine room passenger elevator adopts permanent magnet synchronous gearless drive to ensure safe and reliable operation, lower noise, superior performance, and more energy saving and environmental protection. <br>

● Keda's small machine room passenger elevator adopts a compact small machine room layout, which effectively reduces the top floor space and minimizes the construction cost.
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Home traction elevator
● Low power: low energy consumption
● The transparent car design can be combined with the decoration style and become the highlight of home decoration.
● Without machine room, no increase in construction cost.
● Adopt VVVF frequency and speed control drive components and microcomputer control system.
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Moving sidewalk
● The Keda moving walk brings shopping into a new realm of simplicity and comfort. People can smoothly and safely go to every corner of the building, even if they are still pushing full carts.
● With the fashionable taste of industrial technology integration, Keda brings reliable and durable solutions, which are indispensable to any high-quality shopping experience.
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● Adaptable layout: The whole machine has a compact structure and can flexibly adapt to the architectural pattern, allowing customers to choose freely.
● Conform to quality/safety standards: The surface anti-skid groove design has good anti-skid performance, which makes the ride safe and comfortable, dedicated host, complete safety protection functions, stable operation, high driving efficiency, and advanced microcomputer control system can fully monitor the moving sidewalk ’S operating status.
● Stable and reliable investment: With strong load capacity, it greatly improves the stability of the whole machine and prolongs the service life of the product. The operation is quiet and stable, the service cycle of the whole machine is greatly extended, and the product maintenance is more convenient.
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