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      Suzhou Koood Hydraulic Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in 1972, to produce variable frequency variable voltage speed regulation series hydraulic and traction passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, villa elevators, car elevators, bed elevators, freight elevators, escalators and automatic A professional elevator manufacturer with sidewalk as the leading product.

      The company is located in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, a picturesque water town in the south of the Yangtze River, only 30 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Hub and Dahongqiao Development Zone, and 40 kilometers away from downtown Suzhou. The factory covers an area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters, including more than 30,000 workshops. Square meters; the office area is more than 20,000 square meters. At present, the company has more than 500 employees, of whom 57.6% are scientific research and development personnel and engineering and technical personnel. Other production and sales personnel accounted for 42.4%. The company has experienced more than 20 years of development. Now it has become a well-known elevator research and development and production enterprise in the country.

      The company focuses on technological innovation. The development and manufacture of high-quality elevators integrating "safety, comfort and aesthetics" is the goal of the enterprise. In 1989, the country's first hydraulic elevator was developed and became the only domestic manufacturer of hydraulic elevators that passed the national appraisal. Now it has developed a large elevator with a load-bearing traction elevator of 18,000Kg and a hydraulic elevator of 20,000Kg, which has filled the gap of domestic large-tonnage elevators, and has been widely recognized by the society and highly praised by users. The company pays attention to quality management. After continuous efforts, the company passed the ISO19001-2000 international standard quality system certification and ISO24001-2004 environmental management system certification in 2003; it also took the lead in passing the G/BT28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system certification in 2006. Various effective management systems have been established in terms of production, process, technology, equipment, installation management, after-sales service, etc., and have participated in the "Enterprise Product Quality Century Commitment" activity organized by the National Product Quality Appeals Center for many times. Many well-known foreign companies solemnly promised that the elevator will be used for free three guarantees within one year. If any product failure occurs, the company will assign employees at the installation and maintenance outlets to eliminate it in time to avoid users' worries.

      The company pays attention to the introduction of advanced equipment and installation technology. In order to improve production capacity and product quality, the company has invested heavily in purchasing the most advanced production equipment at home and abroad. Existing elevator processing and manufacturing equipment and production lines such as CNC laser cutting machine, CNC lathe, turret multi-station punching machine, CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine, non-mark spot welding machine, escalator and moving sidewalk tooling assembly, etc. Advanced production equipment and production technology have played a strong role in manufacturing high-quality elevator products and fully meeting the diverse needs of elevator customers. Combined with a complete modern plant, Keda Elevator creates a safe, comfortable and convenient dynamic space for you based on science and technology.

      At present, Keda Elevator has sales outlets all over the country, and its products are sold abroad. Its products are widely used in construction projects in major and medium-sized cities across the country and adopted by important national buildings. Such as: the State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Planning Commission, the General Office of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Central Security Bureau, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Central Organization Department of the Communist Party of China, Xidan Shopping Center, China Century Altar, Xiangshan Hotel, The construction projects of the General Administration of Customs of China, the National Defense University of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the National Defense Science and Industry Commission, the Shanghai World Expo, and the China Import and Export Corporation have won unanimous praise from users. They have been rated as "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise" and "Ten Ten "Best-selling elevator" and products listed in "China Famous Brand Commodity Library", Keda elevator not only has a relatively high market share in the domestic market, but also exported to Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Egypt, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Iran, Russia , South Africa and other countries and regions, is one of the elevator manufacturers and suppliers with the most development potential in China today.

      The company will continue to provide the society with high-quality elevator products and excellent after-sales service based on the tenet of quality first, scientific management, abiding by contracts, and user first. We will continue to make progress, integrate modern technology, create national brands, and work hand in hand with domestic and foreign counterparts to jointly promote the prosperity and development of elevator enterprises.


The company was founded in 1972


The factory covers an area of more than 70,000 square meters


More than 500 employees


Developed the first hydraulic elevator in 1989

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